Your Pee Colour Matters


by Bimbola Segun-Amao

Growing up, getting up from the toilet bowl after emptying my bladder, I would take a peep before flushing away the contents; most times, the urine was amber or dark yellow. By reflex, I would feel my temperature to be sure I was not running a fever. Lol! I bet some of you did and still do.

I wasn’t the kind to stop and drink water, maybe only at meal times or when I’m exhausted from running around with the boys. I always knew something was wrong with that colour of urine but since I wasn’t running a fever, I shrugged it off time after time. Well, I wasn’t totally wrong, urine is diagnostic but not for fever like I thought.

So what does your pee colour say about your wellness?

Ideally, your urine should be pale straw or transparent yellow. Urine gets its colour from a yellow pigment called urochrome. So when your urine has that pale or transparent yellow colour, you are well hydrated and healthy.

No colour or transparent urine says you are drinking too much fluid and your body is eager to get rid of the excess water. When you are on a diuretic, you will also be passing water frequently. A diuretic is any substance that promotes the production of urine; it could be recommended drugs, caffeinated drinks and beverages or even high-water content fruits.

Dark yellow means you can do better and drink more water. But if your urine is amber or honey colour, please stand up now and drink some water before you read up this piece. You would not only be dehydrated, you would be constipated. Too much troubles for not drinking enough water; I had them all.

The urine shouldn’t get out of the yellow spectrum of colour. If the urine looks like syrup, it could be severe dehydration.  If drinking lots of water fails to eliminate the colour, please visit the doctor

Medications may dye the colour of urine, but still share the information with your doctor.

There’s blood in the urine? Be on your way to the hospital!

So how are you?  Considering your urine colour, are you doing fine, healthy and well hydrated? 






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