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Pride Magazine Nigeria is an online general interest leisure magazine that publishes news, lifestyle, features on various topics, opinion pieces, short stories, polls, poetry, serialized fiction (series) and other material that allows young people and the young at heart enjoy a good read. We are currently open to the general public for short story, opinion pieces, poetry and serialized fiction submissions.


Word Limit: Opinion pieces and true-life stories should be 500 – 1000 words. True-life stories should be clearly indicated as such.

Topics: All (But social commentary, sex and relationship matters and pop-culture pieces are preferred)


Word Limit:Short stories and poems should be 100 – 1000 words (preferred length is around 750)

Serialized fiction can be of any length but must consist of at least six 1000-word episodes. Genres: All genres (But social and human drama is preferred)

Language: English only (stories may contain small parts with other languages)

Reposts: We do not accept posts that have previously been published in other magazines or blogs


Publishing Rights: We claim publication rights for the first 6 weeks after publication. We kindly ask that you do not repost anything you send to us on your personal blogs or other magazines until at least 6 weeks after we have posted your entry. We also request that you include a link to the original post on our site in your repost. We also reserve the right to publish the story in future Pride Magazine Nigeria anthologies which all-contributing writers will share 50% of the profits from.

Style: Material must be well written. Language must be clear and succinct. We desire work with good “technical style” and “substance”. Humor is welcome.


We will publish sex and sexually themed stories/opinion pieces but will not publish pornographic material.


Please send your submissions to submissions@pridemagazineng.com

After you have submitted your story, please allow at least 14 days for our editors to get back in touch with you. Due to the number of submissions we get, it might take a few weeks after your contribution has been accepted for it to be published on the site.

Thank you for your interest in being part of the Pride Magazine Nigeria online team.