Exclusive: I Was Once Beaten Up – Rising Singer, Kiss Daniel


Yesterday, April 25, 2015, Optima Media Group, producers of Nigerian Idol unveiled the top 12 contestants of the season 5 of the singing competition to a selected few media houses at an exclusive, but classy event which held at dreams studio in Omole Phase 1, Lagos.

Pride Magazine Nigeria’s Contributing Editor, Desmond Ike was there and quickly cornered the rising music star, Kiss Daniel for an exclusive interview, just immediately after his performance, and the Woju crooner who was being hurried by his policing manager, Louizer Williams, fielded answers to some questions thrown to him despite the tight schedule. He also for the first time addressed his absence at the Kennis Music Easter Fiester, where he was expected to perform, but eventually didn’t show up and other pertinent issues…READ ON…

Your song, Woju is topping the chat on basically all the platforms, how does that make you feel?

It feels really good, I feel honoued, I feel blessed, I started from nowhere and now I’m here, I thank God.

How did the idea of Woju come up?

It’s God given, men, its God given. Woju was inspired by a whole lot of songs, beautiful songs.

How have you been able to manage stardom since the break?

I have been able to manage myself quite well, I’ve got my management team, and we’ve been doing well; I’ve got my record label too and everything is going on fine.

Many are of the opinion that the original version of Woju is far better than other versions featuring Davido and Tiwa Savage, what’s your take?

…long laughs…ehm, my take is, “na music na, take it”. …laughs, well, whether the remix or the original they are beautiful songs men. ‘Mama T’, Davido killed it, they both killed it.

What has changed about you since you became a star?

Well, I’m still here, it’s still the same me, nothing has really changed, just that I cant go out anyhow, you know, the label has to package me of course, but right now I can’t just walk on the street now like I used to, but asides that, nothing has changed.

Have you suffered any embarrassing moment on stage before?

Ye, sure. Em…let me say this. When my song first came out, I went for a show and people didn’t turn. Everyone was just seating down while I performed and I just felt, oh!, this is a big embarrassment. No one moved from their sets despite all my effort…

Why didn’t you show up at the Kennis Music Easter Fiesta where you were expected to perform?

Well, that day I had like five shows and there was this serious traffic (stresses it). The first show I had was at Eko Hotels, AY Live and there was serious traffic on the island. And getting out of Eko Hotel was very difficult. I tried all my best to be there, but by the time I got there, it was late.

Just for the records, have you ever experimented that lyrics of your song in your song (no be you I carry come, but na you I wan carry go…) before?

…long laughs, and he goes like, “the day I tried it hmm, dem beat me for there, no be small”

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