“Why I attempted suicide” – Halima Abubakar


Sultry actress, Halima Abubakar has clarified the widespread rumour insinuating she attempted suicide over a romance gone sour.
The thespian who posted during the week that she almost committed suicide this time last year with rumours circulating that she tried to take her life because her fiance walked out on her has said that she actually tried to take her life because she was depressed.

Halima got upset shortly after making the suicidal post without any of her colleagues  or close friends sharing empathy or reaching out to her and decided to fire back at them by calling them fake friends.

“Thank you all for your support, I truly appreciate it. None of the people that I know personally has commented. It shows how fake their friendship is. Thank God I made this post, God bless you all,” she said.

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