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Why Being Too Comfortable Might Be Bad For Your Love


The Kardashians are a handful to keep up with, but we all try. That’s why it wasn’t unusual for social media to go amok when the news of Scott Disick’s philandering ways became public. From Slurs to praises, people decided which end they choose to camp their opinion, based on their approval or disapproval of the Kardashian Klan – it always somehow starts and ends with them, doesn’t it?

However, that wasn’t what stole my attention as I highly doubt, ‘a man cheated’ comes as a shocker anymore (no offence guys). I noticed the ‘boring one’ (Kourtney) suddenly blossomed into the fly swan…

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian

In your face Scott!

We need no soothsayer to help us connect the dots… Scott cheats. Kourtney is heartbroken. Bam! Revenge body! Show him what he’s missing. But do we need a revenge to have that body? Why can’t we have a revenge body all day, every day? Why do we let go when we get comfortable?

Yes, everyone ought to be comfortable in their marriage, but there’s a thing called ‘too comfortable’. That’s when you get carried away, sidelining the place of effort in the process. According to Serge Bierlanko, Writer at Thunder Pie;

“I think most marriages are plagued by the termites of comfort… But it’s just not enough to say that married people get ‘comfortable’ with each other after a while. Everyone knows that. Everyone knows that it’s easy for two married people to get lazy with each other once that initial honeymoon period of hot sex and fresh discovery simmers down. What most people don’t realize is that the comfort turns to resentment a lot of the time. The magic turns to work. And then the work gets ignored”

Putting in effort to look good for your partner doesn’t need the springboard of revenge – and might be all the magic you need. Just take one step away from your comfort zone.

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