White Zambian Accused of Usurping Power


White Zambian Vice-President, Mr. Guy Scott, who is currently Acting President of the country after the death of President Michael Sata, has been accused by senior officials of the ruling Patriotic Front of seizing power from the party’s anointed heir.

The MP for Chilubi, Obias Chisala, says for that singular act, Acting President Scott has breached the Zambian Constitution and must be reported to Scotland, his fatherland.

Chisala said that Scott had defied the wishes of President Sata by stepping over Edgar Lungu, the PF Secretary General, in the cabinet meeting where Attorney General Musa Mwenye advised that the “vice president was the rightful heir.”

The MP believes that President Sata had made it clear that Lungu was his anointed successor by leaving him to act at a very critical moment.

“President Sata had given Lungu critical portfolios as Minister of Justice, Defence and also party Secretary General”, Chisala posited.

There has been a bitter rift in the ruling party with two camps emerging between Lungu and Scott with things coming to the head Thursday when pro Lungu supporters marched to Scott’s office to confront him.

Meanwhile 63 Members of Parliament out of 82 have endorsed Edgar Lungu as presidential candidate after an emergency meeting chaired by PF chairperson Inonge Wina.

PF Secretary General Lungu says PF officials should not be cheated that the party will hold a National Conference to pick a presidential candidate as stated by Acting President Guy Scott.

Addressing a media briefing Lungu assured that the official position would be communicated on Monday after a Central Committee meeting at State House.

Lungu says the Central Committee is mandated according to the party constitution to state the mode of selecting the candidate either through a general conference or the Central Committee.

Lungu says he has been directed by the Central Committee to inform all party officials to wait for the position of the Central committee before starting preparations for the general conference as directed by the acting President.

He says the Central Committee was supposed to meet last Fridau but that the meeting has been postponed to Monday immediately after the Cabinet meeting.

Among the notable people who attended the briefing include Health Minister Joseph Kasonde; Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Joseph Katema; Central Committee Members Willie Nsanda, Mwenya Musenga and Mumbi Phiri among others.

Also former Open Society Foundation (OSF) Executive Director Sunday Chanda told journalists in Lusaka that the PF must realize that other political parties are already campaigning while they are yet to choose a presidential candidate.

“The call to go for a convention is not serving the interests of the party knowing well that the PF has no time and resources to go for a general conference”, Chanda said.

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