We All Are Far From Perfect But Each Part Of Our Body Makes Us Authentic


It’s easy to notice the dark spots, the belley fat, the stretchmark etc, it’s easy to notice the flaws in our bodies and all this, build up insecurities, countering our self-esteem. We ought to accept that we all are far from perfcet and the authenticity of our body makes us unique.

With this in mind, Carey Lynne Fruth, a photographer captured 14 women of all shapes, sizes, hair colors, ethnicities, and ages for her “American Beauty” project. She proves there is beauty to be found in every tube and blemish — each part of our naked bodies is what makes us authentic.

Fruth’s real lounges themselves in a blanket of lilacs. The images illustrate that there is no perfect mold when it comes to a woman’s body. A size 2 is just as sensual as a size 22, and an 18-year-old can have the same sex appeal as a seasoned woman of 69.

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