Vox Pop: TD Jakes Gets Hip And Gets The Side-Eye


Dress codes ostensibly matter. Be it at your work place, at the salon, during wet or dry seasons, there’s always an innate knowledge of wanting to dress fittingly. Apparently the church isn’t left out of style check and balances, and self-righteous pundits made it a point to remind the acclaimed Bishop, T.D Jakes, who looked stripped from his usual suited look, into a casual hip outfit. The Bishop opted for a less-than-obvious ripped jean to attend service at his daughter and son-in-laws contemporary church, and of course this sparked an outrage.

TD Jakes

Bishop T.D. Jakes

We at pride saw it as an opportunity to conduct a vox pop and canvas the opinion of individuals from different generations, and the responses were very telling!

Meckeh, 26.

I like hip pastors. I really don’t care for uptight looking pastors in clothes that judge me before the pastor even does. The Bishop (T.D Jakes) looks cool enough for a dude like me to walk up to without that awkward scary feeling.

Charis, 25.

If this is the outfit people are calling inappropriate, then give me inappropriate any day over appropriate.

Bernard, 31.

I don’t know. The scripture never dealt with this issue, and it’s not like he’s running around naked. I just think Christians shouldn’t be too judgmental about these things… I don’t think God minds much.

Barbara, 58.

God is more interested in the dealings of the heart, but I think for the sake of those who are still ‘babes’ in Christ, certain things should be avoided, especially by men of God. I personally see nothing wrong with his outfit.

William, 83.

Look, this is wrong. A pastor is a shepherd of the sheep of Christ, he’s supposed to be a good example and like the bible says, do all in moderation.

We think Bishop Jakes looks good and we wouldn’t mind looking as good as he does when we are that age.   

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