Vox Pop: Phallus On The Go


Dangling penis huh? Yes or Nah…

When designers get into their creative zone, anything goes. During a recent men’s fashion week show in Milan, British designer, Vivienne Westwood, gave a show to remember. Not necessarily for the sartorial prowess the designer served, but because of the attention grabbing neckpiece the male models strutted the runway wearing.

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood

Hopefully this isn’t an actual representation of their pintle size.

Our reaction here at pride was first a unanimous-cringe, then a high-pitched, emphatic NO!!! But of course, knowing what the world outside pride thinks is imperative, so we conducted a vox pop.


Sure I can. No wait, is that a penis? Haba now, how can you ask me this. This is just embarrassing.


(Laughs).  I’m female, but I’d feel embarrassed if I see any guy wearing this.


God no!!! I don’t think any man can wear this beyond the runway. This oyibo people sef, they always come up with the darnedest of things.


I think a boob-necklace would be more fun. Everyone wants to see boobs, I doubt anyone wants to see a penis. It’s just not that appealing.


What nonsense is this? I can only wear this if I’m given a billion dollars and a mansion. Even then, I’ll likely just walk out of my gate, no where far.

We conclude this is only for the bravest of men, but dare we say, even brave men choose their battles wisely.

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