Vox Pop: Papa Omisore Gives Off Pink Panther Vibes


Kids at the wee stages of their lives are inculcated with the belief that ‘pink is girly’, while ‘blue is boyish’, hence toys, outfits… shadowed that rule. Growing into younglings and eventually becoming adults didn’t necessarily dissipate that mentality, but being an adult means you’re laden with the responsibility to pick and choose your outfits at will.

Designer, Papa Omisore, went against every so-called gender rule and clad himself in pink.

Papa Omisore

Papa Omisore

Not many men can pull off this look confidently, and we at pride think he totally nailed it. We nevertheless, ensued to garner more thoughts, so we conducted our usual vox pop, and here’s what majority of the guys we spoke to think…


HELL NO!!! I can never wear that. I think he looks good in it, but wearing pink from head-to-toe for a guy is somehow though. I don’t know much about fashion, but is that not wrong?


I don’t think I can wear that, I can do black or brown but never pink. I’m light-skinned. I mean, look at me, I’m almost white. It’s just too much for me to be honest.


Yes! Yes! Yes! I can totally see myself wearing this and slaying. Its fashion, where’s the fun in following rules? Besides who made these stupid rules?


Ah! Well he really looks good and all, but I no fit. No vex, but I dey smell gay. A touch of pink would have made more sense than this.


My wife would kill me before I leave the house dressed like this. Haba! PINK?! No way, that’s too girly for any man.

Apparently pink is still too girly… sorry Papa.

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