Vox Pop – Guys Name Their Fashion Pet Peeves


Every Nigerian has something they can’t stand; sparking an emotion tilting towards pure detest. Whether it’s the current state of the economy, thieving politicians, a nosy neighbor, or just certain fashion trends, there is a choice to either face it head-on or just steer clear. In the case of fashion, the best move is steering clear of trends that irk you. There’s nothing pretty about being uncomfortable in clothes you don’t like.

We decided to find out from few Nigerian men what fashion trend train they can never be caught sitting in.


Hmmm… skinny jeans. I have thick thighs, so I’ll look ridiculous wearing stuff like that. Also it’s very restricting around the nether region, I don’t know how guys manage to wear it without hurting themselves.


Distressed jeans. It’s waaaay out of my comfort zone. Besides, I like decent dressing and I don’t consider torn clothes decent.


Body-hugging t-shirts. I don’t have ‘six packs’ as you can see. Most dudes who wear it are physically buff, so they flaunt that. I have absolutely nothing to flaunt.


I can’t be caught wearing certain colours no matter how fashion forward it is. I like looking manly, colours like pink say otherwise.


Baggy jeans. It’s too archaic. We are in the 21st century, no one should be caught wearing that.

So guys, what can’t you be caught wearing?!

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