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Valentine’s Day is almost upon us with just about three days to go. For the single girl, the thought that Valentine’s Day is around the corner and that she will be all alone on that day may fill her with so much trepidation. But should this be the case?

As each Valentine season approaches, there is so much hype. When in your car and you switch on the radio all you hear is about love and Valentine’s Day. What of the advertising? So many of these suggesting where you will have the most fun with your beloved one without breaking the bank! Hotels offering mouthwatering discounts, florists telling you that their roses are bound to make your “one and only” go weak at the knees. What about chocolates in different shapes, sizes and flavors for that special someone? Add to all these, your girlfriends get on your nerves with their talk about what they plan to get up to with the love of their lives. All this cacophony over one day of the year! Boy does it make you sad that come February 14 you will be all by your lonesome self. It is almost enough to drive you to despair.

Well, truth be told, you are only human and cannot help feeling the way you are because all we need is love – to love and be loved. However, do not despair, and do not let feelings of envy for those who have found love eat you up. You are only hurting yourself. Instead be happy for them because as night turns to day, we all have that special someone out there searching for us. And God willing, you both will find each other serendipitously. Yes, by design or default, God will make you and your dearly beloved meet up.

But in the meantime, you do not have to spend Valentine’s Day alone and feeling sorry for yourself. Why don’t you plan a get-together with family and friends? Being in good company and having food, fun, music, dance and drinks can lift up the spirit any day any time.

Alternatively, if you have a crush who is also single, why don’t you use the excuse of Valentine’s Day to summon the courage to ask him out to dinner? As they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained. He may just accept and who knows what might develop from this date.

On the other hand, you may not be in the mood to party or take the initiative of asking someone out. You may just want to use the day for some quiet time alone to meditate and commune with God. In this quiet time alone, turn your desire to be loved and to love into an affirmative prayer. Visualise your ideal relationship as though you have it now, leaving nothing important out. Speak with conviction and belief these affirmative prayers and spend time visualising your new, happy future. Spend time daily speaking and visualising what you want.

God our creator wants us to be happy for He “gives richly all things to enjoy”. Yes, God will give you your heart’s desire; a life full of love and loving with your beloved if you ask Him to perfect your love life.

Happy Valentine!



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