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Unforgivable OSCAR Snubs!


Oscar nominations list is out, but what is unforgivable as past Oscars have shown… is the Academy’s consistent omission of names that are supposed to be on the nomination list. Asides the fact that I am a Nigerian, no one who knows anything about movies will omit David Oyelowo’s name off the list of Hollywood actors that did a great job in 2014, that guy portrayed Martin Luther King Jr like his never been done in the history of movie making. Oh! Jenniffer Aniston? I’ll love to see her “Brad abandoned me”, face again when she saw her name not making the list. And by the way, how do you nominate a movie for best picture and forget the director’s name on the nominee’s list? I am not going to say it happened because Ava Duvernay is black. And for snubbing youths at this year’s award, don’t stare at me. Even the Legoo movie? I have never seen advert placement in movies perfectly intertwined in a movie like it’s a part of it – maybe the academy don’t want to appear commercialized? Even I can’t believe myself.

On a Scale of 0 – 10, the Award is a 4.5.


Iyabo Ojo, Joseph Benjami, Fathia Balogun, et al.


Wrapped around child abuse, its consequences’ and how to get over it, Iyabo Ojo has brought to the cinema another everyday African situation to learn from and identify with. Though, some people do not know about the existence of such things, but the movie is an eye opener like most good nollywood movies.

On a Scale of 0 – 10, the movie is a 4.8.


Did Dr Sid Break up MoHits? Here is what D’Banj Said…

d'banj at The Truth

When Olisa put up the question of who broke up the group Mo’Hits, DBanj answered Olisa on the truth with a mention of the name of Surulere crooner, Dr Sid. Did the Koko master reveal the truth? What we know is that during the controversy, Dr Sid mentioned the name of Dbanj on a recorded telephone conversation and the same Dr Sid curse on the stage when sound misbehaved at a popular Nigerian music award years back… Will a full view of Olisa’s the Truth, open up more about the newly married Mavin star?

Elastic Heart



The song might have made the Billboard’s Hottest 100 with a 17th position as it debuts on the chart, but I can categorically tell you this is not because of its creative inputs. The video that has generated a lot of pedophilia outrage would have been the reason for a boost of its status. Sia’s portrayal of 12-year-old Maddie Ziegler and 28 year-old actor, Shia Labeouf was totally unacceptable to the moral world and the artist did not waste time to apologize for this on twitter. In her words, she tweeted:  I apologize to those who feel triggered by ‘Elastic Heart.’ My intention was to create some emotional content, not to upset anybody,” Sia co-directed the video with Daniel Askill.

On a Scale of 0 – 10, the Song is a 6.

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