Tunisian Workers Present Social Charter


Workers in Tunisia, the only Arab Spring democracy have given their recently democratically-elected the condition it must fulfil if it expects their support

Operating under the umbrella of the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT), want the gains of the 2010 Tunisian Arab Spring revolution of manifested in their daily lives.

In a speech on the 4th anniversary of the revolution, UGTT Secretary-General  Houcine Abassi stressed the need to “relativise the gains” in achieving the objectives of the Revolution.

Addressing fellow trade unionists, Abassi said “We take interest in politics as well as in the economy and culture. We will support the government as long as it addresses social issues.”

“The Tunisian people expect clear messages and needs to be assured about its future and rights to freedom, development, justice and equality and the right of deprived areas to development, investment and employment.”

“UGTT always expects the launch of debates on salary increases of 2014 as well as clear indicators to ease the deterioration of the purchasing power,” he underlined, adding “and the need to step up efforts to face and eradicate camps of death.

 He expressed UGTT’s solidarity with families whose sons go fighting in Syria, Arab and Muslim communities living the West and the families of Tunisian journalists Sofiène Chourabi and Nadhir Ktari abducted in Libya.

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