Truths Don’t Hurt


By Bimbola Segun-Amao

I’ve grown bigger, with the fats settling down on my arms, making them really round and chunky, no thanks to late night meals and plantain chips amidst other poor choices. Like an addict, I have had plantain chips everyday in the last one month and most times I don’t stop at one pack.

A friend saw my recent picture and commented on my “roundness”, I made some silly remarks about it and we laughed. Then another called and asked why I was getting that big.

The girl in me had some few seconds to herself  “What? What audacity? Hey excuse me girls, have you forgotten?:

No one tells a girl she’s big. They say it’s rude.

No one asks a girl her age; it’s sensitive

No one tells a girl her cooking is bland; so she continues in her poor skill.

No one tells her when the dress doesn’t fit; so she wouldn’t get uncomfortable

No one tells her the colours of her outfit are rioting

No one tells her to shut-up even when she’s spitting gibberish

And I just heard you can’t tell her she is cute; she isn’t a puppy…

I guess no one tells a girl the truth then in the name of being civil or everyone tells girls only lies.

So what do girlfriends tell each other? What do the guys to say us? Must we always hear the sweet nothings? What happened to hard facts delivered nicely (with considerations to the feeling of the other person still)?

It’s more civil to tell a girl the truth than tell her sweet lies; just find the right words. “Colour blue suits you better” sounds more pleasant than “This orange colour is awful on you”.

Or what do you think girls?

In my opinion, truths don’t hurt.


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