Top Nigerians Whose Career May Sink Over Buhari’s Victory Part 1


The 2015 presidential election which ended in favour of opposition All Progressives Congress, APC was full of intrigues and surprises. However in this exclusive report, takes a look at the incoming President, General Buhari’s reign in Aso Rock and top Nigerians including politicians whose career may dwindle as we usher in the new ‘regime’. Take a deep breath as we run you through events that nailed these individuals fate and how the incoming government may affect their career, politically and otherwise.

The current Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose of the ruling People’s Democratic Party, tops the list of politicians who may not be favoured by the incoming Government. As you may already know, Fayose has engineered countless negative campaigns against General Buhari in the course of his party’s campaign for the presidential election. If you would also recall, Fayose placed a full page advert on the covers of 2 national newspapers which to many Nigerians were considered a death wish for General Buhari. Fayose on the other hand has led a ‘fire fight’ against APC faithfuls in his state; with the help of power from Aso Rock, he had men of State Security Service, SSS to himself and uses them against his ‘political enemies’ in the state. As at the time of the Presidential election, Fayose practically used the law enforcement agencies against APC members. He chased them from pillar to post, with most of them scampering for safety and seeking refuge, outside the state. Fayose’s recklessness has become a major topic for discussion among those of the political class. As at the time of filing in this report, APC leads with a majority of members in the Ekiti State House of Assembly. With a new government in charge at the center, coupled with a majority lead in the House, it is widely believed that the motion for his impeachment may be signed and sealed without stress.

Widely perceived as the garrulous one; the lawyer turned politician served as the Director of Media and publicity, PDP campaign organization. Fani-Kayode has a history of multiple defections and switching from one political party to the other. He was first with PDP and later defected to the APC where he became a monumental problem for the Presidency. Day in, day out, Femi Fani-Kayode spent time on social media reeling out negative reports about the Presidency as well as secrets he went away with from the PDP. Not long after, he was allegedly persuaded by the presidency to dump APC which he did and was later made the Director of Media and Publicity PDP Campaign Organization, a job he did very well until the election result saw his boss being kicked out of Aso Rock. There’s a common belief that Fani-Kayode’s political future may shrink since he fell out of favour with the incoming political party. Many believe his negative articles on the APC and its top members may not be easily forgotten especially the one where he referred to Tinubu as a murderer and many others. Going by his record and a remark from his former boss, Obasanjo, Femi Fani-Kayode except he defects like he did in the past may be in for a hard one in Buhari’s Government.

The Capital Oil boss, Ifeanyi Ubah who lost total control of his company to Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) after series of unpaid debts had to invest so much money, in a project he designed in other to gain favour from the Presidency. The Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria project is solemnly owned by the serial debtor-Ubah whose media budget for TAN is about N1billion monthly. The idea was to use Tan to propagate the unsung achievements of President Jonathan’s administration and in exchange he would be compensated with a Ministerial appointment, should the President win the election. Don’t forget that Ubah has an oil subsidy scam lying on his neck and with President Jonathan losing the election, the last may not have been heard, as the incoming administration is allegedly plotting his fall. Inside sources informed Pride Magazine Nigeria that upon swearing in, the Buhari’s administration would cut of his stronghold, which may see him going through a though time.

Even the blind in Nigeria can testify to the transformation of Akwa Ibom by outgoing Governor, Akpabio. However, his administration in Akwa Ibom enjoyed so much favour from the Presidency. The opposition parties in the state feel Akpabio is possessive and despite his good works oppresses them with support from the Presidency. Recall the Umanah Umanah experience where Akpabio allegedly sacked him as Secretary to the government, the moment he indicated interest in entering the governorship race in the state. Umanah who had been secretary to Akwa Ibom state Government since 1999 was said to be unlawfully sacked by the Akpabio administration over his political ambition. As power changes hands come May 29, 2015 and with Akpabio going to the Senate, there are speculations that Akpabio may not have it rosy like it used to be, especially with the current defection of key Peoples Dmocratic Party members to APC recently.

They call him the iroko, but his Iroko rather proved rootless as he failed to deliver for his party during the last Presidential election few days ago. Governor Mimiko was with the Labour Party but later defected to Peoples Democratic Party few months ago, after contesting and winning the last gubernatorial election in Ondo State. Upon defecting, Governor Mimiko enjoyed so much pampering from the Presidency that he was on several occasions accused of marginalizing the opposition in his State especially those of the APC. Which explains the sudden defection of his Deputy, Ali Olanusi days before election. Governor Mimiko was said to be behind the wooing of Afenifere leaders for President Jonathan, a move believed to be less productive, since the incumbent President eventually lost in the last election. The Governor’s largesse to the Yoruba leaders, allegedly tore them apart and eventually sprung so much controversy and several accusations. The APC may not forget how ‘Iroko’ worked assiduously for President Jonathan’s return and may use it against him in the forthcoming political dispensation.

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