Too Much, Too Little. What A Rat Race!


Money they say is the root of all evil; but these days the saying is “money makes all things possible.”

  • How does one live a life without money?
  • How does one cope without the things money can buy to have at least a decent living condition?

Poverty as we know it in this part of the world is like a death sentence. Fear of poverty has turned us to seek for money by any and all means. We have allowed our quest for money to erode our minds, our morals and every ounce of decency. And wealth as we have come to know it, is used in acquiring limitless comfort and excessive material possessions. Thus, the stupendous display of this wealth by some has driven others to pursue money in ways that lack scruples.

Human beings have often acted in ways that are not human just to acquire this money. More often than not, the means and manner by which this money is sought after by many, cannot meet with the approval of the Creator of the Universe. Heaven must be wondering what to do with human beings. Tell me, why would a driver sell off an entire family to a cultist for a paltry sum of money? But if Jesus Christ the Saviour of the world was sold for just thirty pieces of silver, who is man?

The money, the wealth of the world should exist for the good of all humankind. On my very first visit to the United States, I saw a man sleeping under a bridge and I quickly wiped my eyes to be double sure I was seeing right. Ah!

Almighty America! My sister noticed and said “Oh that? They are everywhere. But when it’s night-time he goes to the shelter and eats a hot meal and gets somewhere to sleep; and if he chooses to leave he is handed a blanket.” So, even the rich also cry. In a super rich country like the USA, there are those who have to rely on welfare. So the states have plans for the poor, the homeless, and people in the lower socio-economic class. Well, this is much better than totally ignoring them. In my own country NIGERIA, a working class person cannot even make plans on the minimum wage that is hardly paid, because government has “better things” to worry about than the citizens.

In Nigeria the country is divided into ‘The so rich’, ‘The rich’ and ‘The poor’. Notice there is no middle class here because the system has completely wiped them off.

‘The so rich’ and ‘The rich’ are the government people, and the big business owners who connive with the government to get the best of everything, even to the detriment of their workers, who benefit minimally. The members of the political class often dance to the rhythm of the ordinary citizen to get their votes, but once members of this class are given the mandate, with our very own eyes, we see them become bloated, and they don’t even care to let us have the crumbs of their overfeed. What a life! If you want to be super rich, become a politician. Is there special tree growing money over there at government house, or is it our money they are taking? No I doubt it is our money!

Then, the civil servants who have become more or less the civil masters. Civil servants used to be referred to as “poor civil servants”, people whose rewards were more in heaven than on earth, just for the simple fact of the selfless services they render to society and get little in return. But these days, they are bureaucrats who enrich themselves. Then the corporate gurus with their fine-looking, impeccable suits, always speaking all the big grammars and creating wealth only for themselves, with nothing left over for others.

Then the poor, who form the majority of the population. This category is made up of different kinds of people: those who work and are paid very little, those who are jobless, those who are homeless.

What do we have here? In this part of the world? We have those who take what is meant for all and sundry, and keep it all to themselves. The rich take and take, and the gap between the rich and the poor keeps widening. This does not bode well for the rich, as they are not guaranteed of their positions because once there is a shake up, they lose all. What a rat race!

Despite the criticisms of America’s systems, Nigeria should strive to copy America in ways and manner they treat their poor as I wrote earlier. The money, the wealth of the country should exist for the good of all of its citizens. Everyone deserves a decent life, and good living standards.

Till I write again, I love you for reading.



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