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This Season’s Trend Would Have Your Feet Cheerful


Men often candidly ask, “How do you women walk in these?”, when they notice we’ve added 6 extra inches to our frame. But really, how do we do it? Beating the laws and odds to look elegant and walk cat-like (for those who actually get to that stage). Ever wonder why it’s called killer heels; what and who is it killing; us or those who admire from afar. Our guess is ‘us’. We the wearers, the ones who squeeze our poor feet into pain and constantly console ourselves with the no pain no gain cliché.

But, really who cares? Our feet must comply.

However when it can’t, finding a no-ache stylish option is pertinent. And this season’s trendy flats have checks to all our stylish needs.

platformsplatforms 1

If height is your cup of tea, then you should have some of this. Platform sandals give the two in one package: comfort and length.

fur shoes

Cozy-much! Have you tried hugging a great big bear… okay, that’s a bit much… Have you ever felt on a fur? The warmth and softness you felt is just the right pampering your feet needs. But if you have tickly-feet, or fancy a lot less drama, the fur sandals may be a no-no.

So stay with the oldie-but-trusty birks…


… Or deviate to a modern twist with sliders…

slidders sliders 2

With these you’re guaranteed happy feet, trust us!

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