‘This is Latest Night Vision Google’


President Yahya Jammeh of The Gambia has described night vision googles allegedly seized from the coup plotters or terrorists who attached the Presidential Palace in Banjul on December 30, 2014 as the latest version on the market.

A truck load of seized ammunition inspected by President Jammeh last Wednesday evening which he described as “sophisticated” appeared to be a mixture of brand new and second hand arms. They included cannons, anti-aircraft weapons and bullets, modern night vision googles, combat boots, bullet proof vests and helmets.

“This is the latest version of the night vision; I know (because) when I went on training, we were using bigger ones. Now you can see that this is so modern that it is very small and it is very sophisticated. You can see also this (a bullet) 12.7m and it used for vehicles and anti-aircraft purposes. They have two guns for that (the cheapest of which is US$30, 000)”, he said. 

President Jammeh also disclosed that seized was a document that listed all the seized arms and where they were bought and who the attackers contacted.

“So we will show some of those tomorrow (Thursday) since the investigation is ongoing. We will show you and then it is up to you Gambians to read between the lines.” 

On why the attacked, The Gambian president claimed: “They said international pressure has failed; that we marginalised the politicians and destroyed the opposition (they destroyed themselves because Gambians are not fools).

“So I want to thank The Gambian people and assure them, if I have to give my blood for The Gambia to prosper, I will with pleasure. But if I have to do it [otherwise]to save two million Gambians, I will equally do so with pleasure.”

Some allegedly aggrieved Gambian soldiers, but described by President Jammeh as terrorists sponsored by the USA and Germany, attacked the seat of power in Banjul on December 30 while the President was out of the country, but were repulsed by loyal soldiers.

The USA has denied any involvement and has appealed to the Gambian authorities to respect human rights in the aftermath of the attack.

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