There are no magical bullet points for finding purpose


These days, I wake up in new realities. 

I know what I do not want to be. 

Not like I have it all figured out, I only get to eliminate more options daily. 

So you love the media- the media does many things, it entertains, informs, educates. Which part of the media do you love? I can bet you can’t be a jack of all trades in this profession, you have to carve out your niche and stay true to it. That’s the only way you will hit a good spot. Are you comfortable with hanging out with celebrities and asking intriguing questions about their lives and lifestyles? Do you get excited when there’s a hot gist about D’banj’s new shoes or latest kokolet? Do you know who is mixing the ‘baddest-doppest’ beat for Skales now? Do you really care about how many times Kim and Kanye had sex daily before this conception? If you don’t care – you may have to leave the entertainment beats for something else. It doesn’t mean you can’t do media- it means find another niche.  

You love ICT- a very wide limitless scope. 

You don’t have to be good at coding or understand anything Java en scripted (BTW- is Java still a big deal?), you may love server configuration or the networking Subnet and Telnet. You may just be a blogger who loves her WordPress, or an online merchant that only is interested in e-commerce- that makes you a techie gal too. 

Find what you love. 

Searching for that one thing can be a huge task, especially when you have been told to live for ‘one thing’. I can only say life is a journey – you won’t just find that one thing, you will try many things and that doesn’t make you a failure. The miserables are the ones who don’t try. Find happiness in trying something new- if it fails, you either learn how to make it work or eliminate that from your list. 

As we grow older, we become more confident and wiser especially for people who try out their hands on many of their dream babies. 

Sometimes, the best way to really figure out what you want to do with yourself is good old trial. In a lot of cases, this just means trying out various side projects you’re interested in and figure out if that is exactly what you want for life. 

There are no magical bullet points for finding purpose but I have since come to love this elimination process- I know what I do not want to be!


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