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The Young Rebel Ensemble


Yes I’m the bad boy on the block but that doesn’t mean that I would pull out a glock. Nar for I’m only dogged and rugged with my beard so don’t be scared for I’m not one to be feared unless it comes to style where with all the arsenal I’m fully geared from head to toe. Hope you’re feeling my flow? This particular ensemble personifies ruggedness and what has become the quintessential 21st century street style characterized by sport’s jerseys and casual footwear but being debonair we added our own spin on things.

Street style is not our forte here at R&DG but being a protean stylist I did not shy away from the challenge as it tested my creative mantle and the triple B ensemble is from our rugged and debonair gentleman catalogue. Style is personal despite there being global trends but that does not necessarily mean to every rule you must bend and when it comes to street wear rules are made to be broken as it echoes themes of rebellion, defiance and outcast. These themes are resonated aptly here. In our customary way we commence with the main parts of the ensemble and what immediately stands out is the bright lime green jersey which has printed on it Invasion 1897 in remembrance of the defiant Benin Kingdom which was the last major African empire to be overthrown by the British. Moving down saddled on the waist is a lovely pair of rugged three quarter denim trousers marked by criss-crossed patterns and patched side pockets gives it a hardy appeal. Moving down I have opted for a casual pair of blue canvas shoes which reverberates a nonchalant ambiance.

Accessories can make or break any ensemble but here I feel there’s a good balance. Now starting from the bottom up we have an elaborate pair of polka dot socks that alludes to a debonair background. It has been purposely worn to upset the usual norm of tube socks often synonymous with street wear as aforementioned themes of defiance…The next set of accessories can be found on both wrists, with a leather and coral bracelet on one whereas a sport’s chronograph on the other. Altogether adds flavours of culture and vigour respectively. Reposed on the neck is a Yoruba ornamental wooden necklace often worn by their male warriors thus inciting thoughts of culture as well as bravery with its overwhelmingly black colour adding a touch of machismo. The sunglasses themselves give a shroud of mystery which surrounds the rebel himself. The last of the accessories is a statement piece which symbolizes rebellion the world over and that is the bandana. A highly versatile fashion article as it may be worn around the neck, wrist, head or event tucked into your back pocket. Here I have opted to situate it on my forehead and its turquois colour ties very well navy blue canvas shoes as well as the turquois dots on the socks. Still on the socks, the red dots on harmonizes well with red coloured INVASION 1897 lettering on the jersey. So there you have it the young rebel ensemble brought to you by the brand that creates looks which never resemble.


Written by: Cmex, the Rare and Debonair Gentleman

Photo credit: Marianne Paul-Olaleye

Shoot Location: London, United Kingdom.

Model: Cmex, the rare and debonair gentleman.

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