The Urban Gent Ensemble


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The Urban Gent Ensemble

Modernity is not void of ethnicity but rather it revels in it. Here with our urban gent ensemble, we prove just that. We have blended traditional adire (tie and dye) trousers with a navy blue blazer. The urban man exudes innovation and creativity, and this is reflected in this ensemble.

This ensemble is extremely relaxed and informal due to the adire trousers, but at the same time makes it come across as edgy. This creates an avenue for the incorporation of numerous accessories such as medallions, necklaces, bracelets and hats. All of which are present here – a blue and white rosary worn on the neck, cowries on leather bracelets, chronograph wrist watch, a fedora hat, pear with gold angel lapel pin, turquoise pocket square, aviator sunglasses, dress pen, and cane.

The blazer itself adds a level of sophistication to the look which is complemented by the navy blue suede and leather chukka boots. Together with the subtle touch of the accessories, this ensemble certainly packs a heavy punch.

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YouTube: The Rare and Debonair Gentleman

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