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The Single Guy Diary (Part Twelve)


If someone had told me earlier, that things can take so twisted a turn, I’d never give it a thought. But here I am, in the midst of all my crushes; Ivy, Anabel and Jane – all dressed to kill.

The even more twisted thing is the fact that only Jane acknowledged they were actually standing before Duke. She bent slightly forward for a hug while the rest coyly smiled behind her.

Hello! I don’t get it.

While trying so hard to suppress my gynophobic instincts, I couldn’t understand why both Anabel and Ivy just stood there as though we’ve never met.

As dramatic as it could further go, Jane politely introduced them as her friends while they both repeated some static smile after a conventional “hi”.

I tried hitting my toes on the floor to approve I wasn’t dreaming. It became obvious how stunned I was, profusely starring at these two other ‘suddenly-turned-strangers’ with Jane.

Little did I know while I was worried over what I said to my two best friends, they had a plan to sort out things as they saw I was going crazy. And the best way they felt possible, was to call all these girls so we meet and have a full-sized chat, under the ambience of Neil’s most recent breakthrough.

I’ve never been this set-up. Better worse, right under my own roof. No, think about it.

I recalled Jane never mentioned their names so I summoned courage to speak out for the first time “what’s the name?”

“Nina” “Evy” they said simultaneously. My eyes went rolling.

“Wait a minute, is this not Ivy and Anabel?”

At this point, everyone busted into some ridiculous laughter, leaving me even more confused.

If I were a smoker, nothing else will trigger my lightening reflex over a stick of cigar.

Neil cleared his throat, held both Nina and Evy then properly introduced them…here comes the shocker; Nina is Anabel’s twin sister and ‘Evy’ is Ivy’s cousin (they look so much alike too).

Here’s the thing, if you say I was half drunk when I saw the both of them, I’d agree. If you say I saw both through some club lights shaded with heavy strands of smoke, you’re equally correct, but I can bet my life here that these two girls standing before me were the girls I saw.

Then it flashed; when Neil came around with who I supposedly called Ivy; that was Evy (full name – Evelene). When he was skyping with Jane; ehm…that one was actually Jane (I’m yet to understand that). When Sophie talked about her old friend, she meant Evy, not Ivy.

“Neil, if this is a trick, I’m seriously never going to believe you, ever again”. Neil rolled his eyes under the influence of Chandon, nodding his head simultaneously.

“I understand how complicated this looks but this is reality, Duke.”

Several times I’d dial Anabel’s number – with an unknown ID – while looking at Nina to confirm this isn’t real, but it is; Anabel actually picked on the other end.

I’ll try and explain how this whole connection was established in subsequent episodes. Trust me, it’s nothing short of an epic bestseller, if that story can ever be written.

For the best part though (and within this twisted scenario), we all had fun.

© 2014 Michael Agene


This is a work of fiction. While reference might be made to actual historical events or existing locations, the names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.


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