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The Single Guy Diary (Part Eighteen)


Evy cleared her throat twice, tucked her hair behind her almost transparent ears, rolled her eyes the third time as if she was trying to gather a million thoughts.

“We’ve had the best childhood anyone can possibly have.” She began.

“Being an adopted twin by the Onabanjo’s, Ivy and I didn’t know how it’d turn out.”

I snapped at Ivy, knowing she’s Evy’s twin sister. She looked indifferent, like they’ve been in this situation before.

“My twin and I were adopted when we were 4, 20yrs ago by the Onabanjo’s”. She continued.

“Everyone loved us at the motherless home yet, we refused following anyone else until the Onabanjo’s came. They were the cutest couple we’ve ever seen; from the smile that shone right at us as they entered our section to the humility in their voice, we got hooked and cried to be taken with them.”

“Honey, we didn’t come for twins” He whispered to his wife.

“We plunged the more to them, holding unto each by the leg. We just knew they were going to be great parents to us.

Yes, we were infants, but we had the brain of a teenager. Every other kid in the block envied us.

Eventually, we won. We became the Onabanjo’s. Excited and heavily relieved, we vowed to make them happy.

But it wasn’t for long – barely a year later, Mrs Onabanjo got pregnant. We were scared – really scared. We remembered Sister Rebecca’s last words to us “in situations when your adopter gives birth, be ready for some hard times, but don’t ever change who you are”. We recalled snapping a weird gaze at each other when we heard that.

So you see, we were not wrong to be scared.

When it was time, the Onabanjo’s gave birth to a twin. Wow! We weren’t particularly as excited but we were happy for them.

Their twin – Nina and Anabel – grew so fast to a point we were like quadruplets of the Onabanjo’s. Time proved to us however, that Sister Rebecca was wrong; Mrs Onabanjo was the way she was since the first day they brought us to the house – she’s such a human being, a rare one for that matter.”

I took a heavy sigh, forgetting I have my hand to my side with bandages.

“Whenever we go out”, she continued, “We get a lot of attention. It got to a point we got tired of the double twin thingy so Ivy and I started telling people we were cousins. That saves us a lot of time.

When we turned 18, the Onabanjo’s asked us what we wanted to do after school. We’ve always wanted to be travel bloggers; we loved to travel so we thought of turning that into a business.

Initially, it was strange to the Onabanjo’s but we tried and was able to convince them. So during one of our summer breaks, they approved an initial $10,000 for our travel blogging business; we hired a web developer for our site and on to Nairobi we went.

That was our first official trip and we made sure to have a great time, not just for the fun of it, but so we could have something appealing to write about.”

My phone got us distracted. It was Dad.

© 2015 Michael Agene


This is a work of fiction. While reference might be made to actual historical events or existing locations, the names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.


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