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The Single Girl Diary (Part Twenty One)


Holding the panties, I marched to the kitchen, where Abel was making breakfast.

‘Look what I found,’ I announced, sarcasm dripping.

He turned, his eyes fell to the red lingerie dangling from my hand and traveled back to my face.

‘It’s not yours?’ he asked, innocence creeping into his face.

‘Really?’ I flung it at him, it landed on the tiled floor before him.

‘I guess that’s a yes,’ he chuckled, turning back to the counter.

‘It’s not funny, Abe.’ I said. ‘What happened to you just had to see me blah blah? Or was that just bullshit to get me into your bed?’

‘Kay, let’s not complicate things here. You did have a boyfriend, yeah? Was I supposed to cross my legs and wait till…you both were done?’

I blinked. He had a point. I couldn’t determine why I was miffed. What Abe and I had just shared was nothing more than a tumble in the hay. Maybe a one-night stand. We were not dating or exclusive, so why did I feel entitled to…something?

‘You’re right,’ I acquiesced. ‘Anyway, you have excellent taste in women. That…pant is off the hook.’

He laughed then, leaned forward and planted a wet kiss on my mouth.

‘You’re a darling, Kay. Really, that dude was stupid to let you go.’

As you are. I thought.

‘So, since this is just a sex thing, when can we have sex again before I leave?’ I said out loud.

If I was going to recover fully, I had to detach my emotions from whoever I dilly-dally with.

If men could do it, then I could too.

‘Really? That’s how it is now?’ he asked, turning the omelette into a ceramic plate.

‘I think that’s what works best now,’ I replied. ‘I’m not ready for a relationship now…or ever.’

‘Whoa! Whao! Ever? C’mon babe, that’s too deep.’

‘Well, that’s my decision for now.’ I held out a hand to him. ‘Now, are you coming to bed or are you gonna stand there talking?’


‘Oh, we’ll just microwave it when we’re ready,’ I said, kissing his neck.


It was 2p.m on Sunday when Abel dropped me off at my residence. I convinced him that he needn’t walk me to my doorstep because I didn’t want Ronke or my other neighbors asking unnecessary questions.

 Ronke was in the kitchen when I returned, apparently making lunch.

‘Tell me you went to church at least,’ was the first thing she said when she saw me.

‘Er…I didn’t have any clothes.’ I responded.

‘Oh. At least tell me you didn’t have sex on the Lord’s day, with a man you barely know!’

I held back a smile. ‘So it’s okay to have sex on every other day of the week, with a man I barely know?’

‘Of course! That way you can abstain on Sundays as a form of penance.’

I shook my head.

‘I guess I should be happy you’re getting some anyway. It’s your first since…k

‘Since Austin. I know.’


‘Well what?’

‘How was it?’ she wiped tears the onion was inducing from her eyes and looked at me.

‘Eh…let me undress first na.’

‘Seriously? Since when did that stop you?’

‘Since now,’ I said with a laugh as I headed for my room.


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