The Single Girl Diary (Part Thirteen)


The gown Ronke made me, was ridiculously short but I had to admit it was quite glamorous. It was a red lacy gown with a v-neckline that showed off some part of my cleavage.

I felt…alive in it. Alive and beautiful but maybe it had to do with the fact that I was adding another year.

“So, here. Put this on.” Ronke tossed me a box.

“What? Heels?” I peeked into the purple cardboard box.

“Shoes to match that hot dress. You didn’t think I’d let you wear slippers with that dress did you?”

“But…it’s an in-house party!” I stared at the black suede stilettos with red bow. “Darn…they’re beautiful sha.”

“Wear them. It’s my gift to you. You can pull them off later but you have got to greet the guests looking like the belle of the ball.” She stooped in front of me. “Now, your makeup. You need something more…ooof.”

I chuckled at her facial expression.

“What’s ooof?”

“Something that says ‘I’m ready to conquer!’…oya use…this eyeshadow. It brings out the red…”

“Ronke! Are you selling me? You this girl!”

“Babe, you don’t clock twenty-eight twice. Besides, you want to look good for Biyi, don’t you?”

I grinned.


“So, hurry up. Guests start arriving in thirty minutes. Chioma should be here soon. The caterers too. The DJ is setting up already.”

I liked being hassled by her; I liked it when she mothered me and it made me feel guilty that I hadn’t told her about the mysterious earrings or my frolicking with the German man.

Keeping secrets from her wasn’t something I liked doing.

I would tell her about it, eventually. I decided.


The party officially began by 7:30pm and by the time Ronke and Chioma got me to the dance floor, I was already tuned in for party mood.

Shouts of “Go Kenny! Go Kenny!” erupted around the now-steaming living room as I showed off my poor dancing skills.

I felt myself getting tipsy as Ronke made sure she kept the glass in my hand full of punch.

“Have you seen Biyi?” I asked, taking Ronke to a corner where the DJ’s speakers were not blasting in my ear.

“Er…I don’t know what he looks like, remember? You think he forgot?” she was wearing a thin slip of cloth that barely hid her womanly features. Her body was swaying to the DJ’s GodWin.

I thought she looked sexy.

“I hope not. I didn’t dress this way for nothing,” I giggled, wiggling my hips.

“By the way, that dude over there has been eyeing you for hours. You look hot, babe!”

“I do, right? Maybe I should set myself up for a one night stand,” I turned to wink at the ‘dude’ in question. He waved at me in response.

“Now that’s my gal.”

I laughed, my eyes scanning the guests. Some were huddled in a corner, others were dancing with abandon, others stayed close to the wine bar.

I found myself thinking about my sister, wondering if she was having as much fun as I was at her own party.

It was then I saw him; even in the dim red lights swirling around the room, his height was distinctive. Everything about him stood out as he walked in.

“Biyi!” I waved excitedly before turning to Ronke, “I see him! Tall guy who just walked in. Look!”

“Er…the guy who’s holding Jessica?” Ronke was squinting.

“What Jessica? Is he holding anyone?” I was waving as I spoke.

“Yeah. Looks like he’s holding hands with that…Jessica. Oh my God.  It is Jessica!”

“Jessica?” I stretched to see who my friend was referring to.

“Austin’s sister!” Ronke yelled.

“What!” this time I saw her, following closely behind Biyi.

Oh my God.

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