The Sapeur Ensemble


The Sapeur Ensemble

This look was inspired by the elegance that is the Sapeur – a gentleman, who personifies charm, exudes confidence and embodies style.

The ensemble was carefully chosen from head to toe with detailed accessories particularly, the Panama hat, wooden cane and pocket watch, which are reminiscent of timeless elegance. Minor articles such as the ascot, pocket kerchief and brooch are simply accent pieces that complement any dapper individual. The pen however, is a personal touch of mine and is representative of the poet (writer) that I am.

The main ensemble is built on a blend of hues which revolve around the colour brown, and complement each other. For instance the jacket is coffee brown which stands out against the cream coloured trousers. The top and bottom is welded together by the grey single breasted waistcoat and neutral white cufflink shirt. Grey itself is relatively neutral and pairs well with brown.

Now to the shoes, here in this ensemble is a hand crafted caped toe black leather Oxford-like shoe. I believe it encapsulates the entire message of the ensemble and the Sapeur himself ‘sophistication’. What I especially like about caped toe shoes is their ability to withstand a high polish, thus making it possible to attain a military shine.

The ensemble attests to the decorum which defines the Sapeur – prim and proper and always dapper.

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