The Riviera Ensemble


We launch our summer 2017 campaign with the riviera ensemble. The Riviera has for years been a quintessential holiday destination due to its soothing Mediterranean climate, colorful houses, and unique seaside (antique) architecture. These features are common along many Mediterranean fishing villages but the French Riviera is by far the most popular among them. This ensemble has been purposely chosen to reflect the overall relaxed ambiance of the Riviera marked by the presence of shorts, casual loafers and a muscle shirt.

We pride ourselves here at the R&DG on our ability to blend colours and here there’s no exception with a three pronged colour scheme consisting of orange, brown and black. These colours equally blend well with the caramel complexion of the model. When putting together your ensembles it is important to consider your skin tone for it would serve as a canvas/backdrop to the colour pallet that is your clothing. Starting from the ground up we have a decent pair of coffee brown suede  driving loafers, which have a fine streak of brown leather to add a touch of panache and goes well with the brownish orange horizontal stripes on the shirt. Leaving the shoes we move on to the shorts as the model sports a bold Afrocentric Ankara (fabric) pair. Flirting with the knees, it somewhat shortened appearance added to its elaborate design is the epitome of cool and causal, making it the ensemble’s defining piece.  Finally the ensemble is completed by a tight fitted grey muscle with black and orangey brown horizontal stripes, a pattern which gives an allusion of a taller individual. Conversely, vertical stripes give the persuasion of a shorter person on a taller individual.

Next to accessories which are minimalistic; staying with the upper part of the body we have transformed our fedora hat to make it appear as homburg. Notice the material on the hat which is made of cane. A lightweight and breathable material, it is ideal for making hats and other summer accessories such as bags. Furthermore it is reminiscent of the coastline where trees such as royal palm grow, from which the cane is derived and woven into numerous summer accessories. Palm trees are known to punctuate the entire Riviera coastline. Going down to the face, we have an iconic pair of wayfrare as sunglasses are an essential summer accessory not only for practical reasons but also due to the added sense of suave they give you. The last sets of accessories are found on the wrists. Starting with the left the model is sporting a simple Timex field watch with a brown leather strap. Field watches are rugged and a suitable companion for your summer’s exciting adventures. Whereas, on the opposite wrist the model is cladded with two shell bracelets, which echo the fishing history and nautical background of the Riviera.

For those of you who are opting for the soothing climate of the Riviera this summer why not try something similar to our Riviera ensemble.


Written by: Cmex, the Rare and Debonair Gentleman

Photo credit: Mary Olan and Ken Min Leong

Shoot Location: Southern France

Model: Cmex, the rare and debonair gentleman.

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