The Rare and Debonair Gentleman (R ‘n’ DG)


Being rare and debonair is not simply looking nice for a function such as a wedding, a date or a ball, but rather it is a way of life built on the principles of taking PRIDE in your appearance and always looking your best regardless of the occasion.

Here at R ‘n’ DG we are aim to reinstate the element ‘gentle’ in the modern man – transforming him into a ‘gentleman’. The brand’s name has been purposefully as well as carefully thought of. ‘Rare’ symbolizes the uniqueness of every individual, and ‘Debonair’ is a masculine term attributed to a man who dresses in an appealing and sophisticated manner, embodying a personality of style, charm and confidence.

At R ‘n’ DG we are geared to assist you discover your personal style whilst educating you on the history behind style pieces and the decorum associated with each of them so that you are appropriately dressed at any occasion.

“Debonair gentlemen usually have a good understanding of poetry” – Sven Raphael Schneider 

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