The Prince Dressed in Royal Blue


Here standing is a prince dressed in royal BLUE which is such a delightful HUE and with his traditional ATTIRE he reminds you to be proud of being YOU. Weather home or abroad you should never TIRE of representing the region from which you HAIL even though, from there your ship has set SAIL. For by your dressing you unknowingly tell a TALE.

With the prince he tells a story of a people who are strong and far from FRAIL. His ANCESTRY stretches by 700 years, coming from a generation of lords known as Nze’s, a title which his father BEARS for his story he wishes to SHARE to anyone who CARES to LISTEN  for the story is certainly INTERESTING.

It is of a people whose ethos is the “group mind” as each individual voluntarily contributed their own natural endowment towards the sustenance of the composite whole. The idea is as NOBLE as the Nze’s who founded it and to see in crumble would leave the young prince INCONSOLABLE for the group mind is ATTAINABLE. Moreover, it is REASONABLE.

The mark of an Nze is distinguished by his customary hat known as “okpu” and cane known as “nkpara”. By them he swears to uphold the integrity and promote the posterity of his people whose tradition must not be left CRIPPLED but rather continuously spread and expand like a RIPPLE but this task isn’t necessarily SIMPLE but this prince’s desire for this is more than AMPLE and the fact he wears such clothes is merely a SAMPLE of what to EXPECT from this legacy abiding PREFECT.

In this VIGNETTE he lets the whole world know that his culture is not done YET. Furthermore, in the background is a beautiful SUNSET which is akin to his father’s generation. For as the sun sets on a former generation, it rises on ANOTHER as the legacy of his people the prince strives to FURTHER.

Here standing is a prince dressed in royal BLUE and by his dressing into his heritage he provides an insightful CLUE. He reminds us, that to ourselves we must stay TRUE.

Written by Cmex D Poet

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