The Mature Beach Wear Ensemble


The Mature Beach Wear Ensemble

For men with a more matured taste but who still want to turn up at the beach, there should be no compromise and here at the Rare and Debonair Gentleman, we have just the right look for you.

As summer is about bright colours, why not try a multi-coloured dress shirt with double cuffs. Here the hues of green, white and yellow have been blended into one. These colours give you the option of selecting any of them for your trousers. Here I have opted to go for white since it’s the least represented on the shirt. Overall, this produces a balanced array of colours. Now to the footwear – why not pair this ensemble with a set of open toe leather slippers which is elegant yet casual.

Accessories can make or break an outfit and the inclusion of a beige wide brim hat underpins the matured taste of this ensemble, which is complemented by the swagger cane. It is important to know which type of sunglasses frame suits your face and here I am sporting an iconic Wayfarer which are timeless and as such seamlessly blends into the matured ensemble. On one wrist I am wearing a leather bracelet with cowrie shells. This is an iconic summer jewellery since cowries are derived from the sea, where they are washed unto shore. On the other wrist, I am wearing the versatile gent’s chronograph wristwatch that can be paired with almost every ensemble excluding black and white tie ensembles.

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