The Lover Boy Ensemble


February is the month of love and what colours says I love you than the warmth of red and innocence of pink. The lover boy is one who is stylish yet charming; his charm is demonstrated by his love poem (see endnote) which he actively recites for his muse. Notwithstanding, one’s style game must be as good as their sweet talk and this combination of style and charm is what defines a debonair gent who is stylish, charming and confident (SCC gentleman). So let’s asses his style game, black (waist coat) and white (Chinese collar shirt) have been chosen by the gent as unifying colours due to their neutral nature. These two clothing articles are a mainstay and serve as a cocktail mixture of sophistication and ruggedness owing to the versatility of the waistcoat which could equally be worn with a suit and tie. Having already alluded to the significance of red and pink we include them primarily in the denim trousers secondarily, as accents in the accessories such as the hat, silk scarf, button and precious coral bracelet, which all stand out against the neutral canvases aforementioned.

The gent in this ensemble seamlessly merges together different cultural forms of dressing from different eras for instance, the hat is an Afrocentric piece that caught on in the 1960s often worn by African heads of state whereas, the way in which the paisley scarf is tied is a popular French knot which was instituted by the French navy in the 19th century and copied by navies the world over. Conversely, the wearing of big buttons as broaches is an American 1980s pop culture phenomenon. The waistcoat itself is a timeless fashion article that’s been around since the 17th century first worn in Persia before incorporated into European culture by English travellers returning from Persia. The pocket watch emphasises the timelessness of the waistcoat. Still on the Asian influence, the white shirt has a Chinese collar. Together this is a multi-dimensional, intercontinental ensemble profoundly unique that no other resembles. Why not funkify your look with a pair of multi-coloured polka doted socks which is allowed due to the informality of the ensemble. This informality is buttressed by the brown suede “desert” shoes.

Overall, this multi-faceted/cultural ensemble speaks volumes and spans generations of fashion trends meanwhile incorporating them so seamlessly that they appear to belong to only one generation, yet even to the best trained eye its multi-faceted nature would only come across as subtlety. Therein, lays the beauty of the lover boy’s charm.

Be My Valentine:

For you my soul is yearning.

Yes I might be coward but when it concerns to you I am daring.

There’s no man I would be fearing because a mutual love we are sharing.

To many things I’m blind but your love, my faculties find easily discerning.

So much that it’s an eye opener, easily glaring.

So be my valentine as your love is sweet like Sicilian wine, made from the most luxuriant vine, I would love you to be mine

And on St. Valentine’s Day we shall dine.

Ours is a love that would last through the ages with no decline maintaining its ever radiant shine. Cmex, the Poet.


Written by: Cmex the rare and debonair gentleman.

Photo Credit: Marianne Paul

Shoot Location: London, United Kingdom

Model: Cmex the rare and debonair gentleman.

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