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The Family Life

Nigerians are family oriented people.  Before the advent of the chritainity in our society, most Nigerian Families were polygamus in structure, with the man having 2 or more wives and we lived in communities. With the advent of Christianity and White colonisation Nigerians have welcomed mongamous relationships for most Christians  but most Muslims still practice polygamy with some men marrying up to four  wives. 

African culture does not dictate the number of wives a man can have  so many people in pre colonoial days had more than 10 or 20 wives depending on how wealthy they were and this was measured in land, stock and houses. 

With todays economy most Nigerians and African practise monogamy but we still love to get together with extended family and have a brilliant time during the festivities. 

Nigerians and Africans are Family oriented people and we are very prone to joyous occasions like marriages and celebrations. 


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