The Ember Gent Ensemble


Can you fathom an ensemble in the season of autumn? The season when leaves begin to fall from trees which were once green. Yet because winter is coming doesn’t mean that your appearance should look dull. Not at all. By our dressing, onlookers be left enthr


The warmth of summer is now behind us and we are now in a new season. Each new season brings new style articles into one’s ensemble and in autumn the cardigan is a main staple – with so many variants from V-necks, crow-necks etc. gives one the opportunity to look elegant and sartorial. These two adjectives personifies the shawl neck cardigan featured here for it curves round the neck and carefully rests on the gentleman’s chest.

This season is synonymous with shorter days and longer nights where the former even gets shorter by the time one get into the thick of winter. Notwithstanding, one should not simply blend into the darkness even though nuanced colours such as grey, charcoal and olive green characterize the season. As these colours are often those found with cardigans and trousers, yet, pockets of light can be added to your ensemble via accessories such as the bright red ascot worn (on the neck) in this ensemble and the paisley pink shirt. The ascot has the dual functionality of both keeping your neck warm as well as making one appear suave. Both the ascot and the shirt have the same paisley pattern which is not encouraged when pairing accessories for either one should be plain or different pattern. Keep that in mind when pairing yours. The bright colours of the shirt is tempered by the grey trousers and navy blue wool cardigan which rhyme with the muted theme of the autumn season.

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This ensemble can be effortlessly converted into tease with ease simply by throwing an iconic (brown) leather jacket onto the cardigan, which was okay for the mild cold of autumn. Winter’s chill can be unbearable so the more layers one has on the better it is for them, which helps maintain their core body temperature. In this ensemble, it seamlessly matches with the brown coloured full brogue on the model’s feet. Still on the colour brown, it has also been purposely chosen as the colour on the strap of the gent’s choreograph wrist watch and belt but the latter goes without saying, for one’s belt and shoe’s colour must match. Other accessories such as the red coral bracelet rhymes with the red lining of the cardigan as well as, the cravat. Whereas, the black and white colours of the worries??? and leather strap respectively are neutral colours and were intentionally worn to remind one of their African roots.

There you have it, the ember gent ensemble, which can be worn from the start of autumn to the end of winter simply by upgrading autumn’s look with an extra layer of clothing and in this case we have primarily, the brown leather jacket and secondly, the ascot which can be selectively worn during autumn but still advised to do so to score debonair points.

Written by: Chukwuemeka Anyiam-Osigwe a.k.a Cmex A-O.

Photography: @IfroAfro.

Model: Cmex A-O.





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