The Earth Man Ensemble


The Earth Man Ensemble

The Earth is green and her soil is fertile. These two properties of our planet are the underlying inspiration behind this ensemble with the green shirt reminiscent of green leaves and the brown shorts of the soil.

This camouflage effortlessly blends into its surrounding, with echoes of style resounding and themes of earth abounding. This look equally plays with shades of colour –turquoise on the neck, olive green paisley shirt, dark green boat shoes and the subtle touch of the green leather bracelet. Similarly, brown comes in colour variants with the carton coloured fedora hat, light brown coloured shorts and coffee brown leather aspect of the suede boat shoes. If you look closely the shirt material has brown ascents.

As this is a summer look the accessories really come into play to enhance the summery nature of the ensemble – the aviator sunglasses and matted material which is used to make the hat.  

This look is perfect for a casual summer’s day activity such as a casual stroll in the park or hanging out with friends.

The Earth man is someone who sees the essential need for the sustainability of our planet’s natural beauty, a beauty that inspires writers, photographers, inventors and stylists the world over. As an earth scientist this look is very personal to me.

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