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The Clarion Call: A tribute to the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).


Youths we’ve all heard the call which is clarion so let’s get up and respond to it like a gallant stallion and not blend in hiding like a cowardly chameleon. Rather be loyal to the cause like a valiant centurion.
These are the requirements of the National Youth Service Corps, which is a scheme with opportunities galore. Such as SAED where we learn entrepreneurial skills to help curb societies unemployment ills. However, this is only one of the scheme’s four cardinal points which all converge like bones at a skeletal joint.

Next comes our place of primary assignment (PPA) which we proceed too after the orientation camp’s refinement. However, this phase of the scheme isn’t so rosy for sometimes we corpers face rejection. Oh, the indignation and this is the thanks I get for trying to serve my nation? In the end it all comes good with scenes of acceptance and elation.

Running concurrently with this is the community development service (CDS) where the livelihood of our local community we strive to enhance. My fellow youths please take this seriously for many wishes to be where you are but where never given the chance so there’s no room for shenanigans.

A branch of this is the sustainable development goals (SDGs) which came because the MDGs had some loop holes. They are 17 in number and if achieved would awaken developing nations from their long-protracted slumber. Some of its aims are to eradicate hunger as well as provide a sustainable supply of wish for the fish monger to mention a few and if actualized our society would be refreshing like the morning dew.

The last phase of the scheme is the passing out ceremony where you reminisce on bitter sweet moments where there was scenes of joy and agony. Don’t be phased for those are only milestones on your Earthly journey. So, what can I take from the NYSC? Well service and humility for it is an honour to have been able to serve humanity.

Cmex D Poet.

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