The Ceremonial Gent Ensemble in Majestic batik


The Ceremonial Gent Ensemble in Majestic batik

Here at the Rare and Debonair Gentleman, we proud ourselves on the art of styling cultural attire, and with this elegant Indonesian batik we do just that. This look is both sophisticated and mature. It was made popular by Nelson Mandela who made it his signature look – wearing it on a regular basis during his time as President of South Africa – from attending parliamentary meetings to receiving foreign dignitaries – making it the ultimate ceremonial wear.

The secret to wearing Batik is to blend it with a plain pair of trousers which offsets its flamboyant motifs. The motif here depicts an Indonesian mystical bird known as Garuda which is believed to be a good omen. Let’s just say you are bound to get compliments when wearing a flamboyant ensemble such as this. With batik, the colours though eye-catching are in fact muted, and flatter different skin tones.

The ensemble specifically revolves around each colour printed on the shirt. The beige of the chinos rhymes with all colours because it is neutral. The brown shoes match the brown of the shirt and it complements the wooden cane, leather strap, red coral bracelets and red silk pocket square. The gold hat pairs harmoniously with the yellowish-gold prints on the shirt. The cane is a symbol of sophistication and always adds an element of maturity to every look.

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