The Casual Beach Wear Ensemble


The Casual Beach Wear Ensemble

Summer is a great time to showcase your physique, and what better place to do this than the beach?

This setting paired with the right clothes would make you standout without needing to speak loud or shout.

I am wearing an aeronautically themed muscle shirt whose sleeves often rest on the biceps therefore, leaving your arms exposed. For shorts why not trying something made from Ankara fabric which is light, and keeps you cool during the summer’s heat.

The colours here have been carefully chosen. There are different shades of green – I pair the olive green of the shorts with the lime green of the shirt. The pink polka dot pattern on the shorts and the grey half of the shirt creates a somewhat contrasting ensemble making both the top and the shorts standout, as well as simultaneously complementing each other in a nuanced way due to the two varying shades of green.

For footwear, one can opt to go barefoot as it is the beach after all, or may put on a pair of sophisticated leather palm slippers – it can be easily worn and removed, and very casual and appropriate for the beach.

This ensemble is also suitable for casual outings with friends to ice-cream parlour or for bowling, provided it is paired with suitable footwear for example driving loafers or moccasins.

For accessories I have purposely worn a pair of aviator sunglasses which goes with the aeronautical vibe of the shirt. I have a gent’s stainless steel chronograph wristwatch which is built for an active lifestyle and is one of the most versatile watches a man can own because it can be paired with almost every ensemble except for black and white tie ensembles.

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