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The Cane: A Carriage Formator


“Fashioned from wood, it is for gentlemen who are refined, far from crude and for centuries a man’s coarseness did it soothe. Through the ages it has been used to instill on men an immaculate carriage no longer to be called a savage.”

The cane as you can deduce from the above poem is a fine work of refined craftsmanship often by generations of consummate wood artisans and as such it has been used to groom gentlemen particularly in relation to their gait making it calculated and measured as every gentleman should be in thought and action. A formation tool that where dexterity is the golden rule for one’s movement becomes graceful following it tutelage and is akin to a child who wears braces to correct his bite, meanwhile, the child must equally refrain from eating unnecessarily and mandatorily brush twice daily to maintain the strict level of oral cleanliness to maintain braces. Consequently, once the braces are removed the child would have already accustomed himself to that way of life. Similarly, one who is taught to walk with a cane-consciously walking on the balls of his feet (as is the proper way to walk ) in order to prevent them from kicking against the cane. Following months of walking with the cane one’s carriage would be enhanced and would gait gracefully with or without the cane being present.

Here at the Rare and Debonair Gentleman we acknowledge the cane’s formative as well as authoritative powers, hence, it is an integral aspect of the brand’s logo. Furthermore, the cane resonate an ambiance of confidence, sophistication and maturity as one who wields such is not synonymous with vulgarity. Essentially, it is a debonair article keeping in mind that debonair means – “a gentleman who acts in a sophisticated way, being described as stylish confident and charming”- (Merriam-Webster dictionary 2017). Thus not only does the cane refine one’s gait but equally one’s behaviour. More so, its use transcends cultural and international boundaries for it is acceptable when wearing either western or traditional African attire as depicted by our The Sapeur Ensemble and The Royal Blue Ensemble (coming soon). The cane is an accessory so slender yet powerful like a crane and enhances your swag similar to the serum that enhanced the strength of Bane. It has become an extension of myself similar to a poetic vein and keeps me looking timeless no matter how long time might pass. And too think that all this just from wooden grains.

By Cmex the Rare and Debonair Gentleman.

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