That Smart Publicity Stunt by Actress, Chika Ike


Nollywood actress Chika Ike in what has been described as a publicity stunt by some of her followers is claiming that she has been celibate for the past five months.
She revealed this in her latest Instagram post while promoting her new reality show.
“Hi Guys! I must say it’s not easy being celibate… Five months and still counting….wow!! I’ll be in bed all day, hugging my pillows…. Lol” wrote the actress.
“Wow, imagine that guys? An actress as hot as Chika Ike has not had sex this year. Surely this must be a personal decision, because the actress wouldn’t be short of options”, said a fan of hers, Ugochukwu on Facebook
Just below the celibacy post, the actress quickly used the opportunity to inform her fans and followers of her forthcoming reality show…and the best way to trend it is with the above caption.

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