Stylish Must-Haves For Harmattan Season


Nigeria has a vacillating weather. As we get closer to the holidays, the air, laced with the smell of dewy sand and the sight of fog in the wee hours of the morning can only mean one thing; it’s the coming of harmattan. Harmattan is characterized by cold nights, windy mornings and humid mid-days – a bit off-putting huh? Fashion aficionados know it’s time to get into practical-fashion mode; and we are here to help!

Get into the perfect, practical, stylish holiday spirit with these must-haves…

Flare pants.

Flare Pants

No more fitted-torture. With these your pores get to breathe and your legs are rewarded with the illusion of length.



Playsuits will never go out of style… hopefully. The above-the-knee length is perfect for hot afternoons, but choosing the right drapery is important. Go for fluidal, porous fabrics – e.g. mesh and chiffon, which is in season – that allow for air.


Bomber Jacket

You can NEVER go wrong with this! (Excuse our excitement). Jean jackets are gradually taking a bow as our attention shifts to bomber-jackets. Perfect for a chilly weather, you can pair with… whatever!

Sleeveless blazers.

Sleeveless Jacket

Urgh! We know how upsetting it can be working during the holidays, but ‘you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do’. Stay stylish in a sleeveless blazer; it keeps the heat at the barest minimum in exchange for sophistication, also, it’s the perfect transitional piece, from day to night.

We are so ready for whatever harmattan throws at us… bring it on!

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