Style Steal – Dare Art Alade


Nigerian musician, Dare, has found his way to the hearts of many (women particularly, and we aren’t ashamed to admit it). But with a voice like his and a body to back it up, who wouldn’t have the gate of their hearts wide open? If our stylish-existence is defined by Adamic sartorial virtues, we’d definitely optically savour every moment he spends in leaves as the only clothing cover-up – if only wishes…

Boohoo, we are in the 21st century and that calls for some level of cover-up, but still his stylishness shines through, so smile. Gents, want to cop his style?  Hopefully these tips would help you.

He loves his jackets.

There’s no denying it, the artist loves a good jacket and its obvious why; it makes him look good.

Dare Art Alade Darey Art Alade

Take a cue from this and invest in a good classic jacket. If you are in a slightly colder region, go for a leather biker jacket, if not go for a cotton or corduroy fabric.

He fills up a suit well.

He’s a great suit muse. Not really particular about neutrals, he can make a fiery red blazer look equally spiff.

Dare Art Alade Dare Art Alade

Test the waters of warm colours, while still maintaining your love for neutral colours like black.

His accessory mantra is less is more.

He limits his accessory to a single ear-earring. Of course that gives him a bad boy look, but that’s why we love him.

Dare Art Alade

If you don’t have an ear-hole and you’re too nervous to get one, go for the magnetic ones, that equally gets the job done.

We hope you find these tips helpful.

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