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Stress Management


What is stress?

This term is often confusing as it is used in two ways.

First, it is applied to events or situations, such as working for an examination that may have an adverse effect on someone. The term is sometimes extended to include events that are not experienced as adverse long-term effects – e.g. An intense competition, which may produce an immediate feeling of pleasant tension, though may sometimes lead to an unfavorable long term effect.

Second, it is applied to the adverse effects that are included, which may be psychological (perceived or physiological (real) change the former is stressor while the latter is called stress reaction

Types of stress

Everyone is subject to stress in his or her environment. However, there is good (positive) and bad (negative) stress.

“Good” stress is motivational – i.e encourages the individual to excel.

“Bad” stress is what brings about the negative side effects expressed by individuals.

Sometimes this so called good stress may produce some adverse effect on the individual. The dividing line between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ stress is hazy.

Causes of stress

Any activity or event that disrupts a person’s equilibrium may lead to stress. Known stressors include excessive ambition, lack of contentment, quest for material things, inability to manage effectively, illness, etc

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