Stella Damasus’ Halloween Costume Attracts Outrage


Nollywood Diva, Stella Damasus who courted fans anger over halloween has replied via her twitter handle Stelladamasus on Saturday, November 1,2014.
The actress who is yet to overcome her controversial alliance with Daniel Ademinokan, Doris Simone’s estranged hubby sparked a huge outrage online after she innocently shared the picture of her Halloween look on Friday, October 31,2014. She was cat-like in the picture.

Some fans didn’t find it amusing as she did. They believed she was being a wrong role model for posting such pictures as a christian. She was lectured about Halloween being about the devil and celebrants drawing curse upon themselves without knowing it.

Things got so heated up on social media and she flared up and responded.
” To all of you criticizing me for celebrating Halloween I say shame on you. What we do is give out candy to kids who are on costume and knock on your doors. You as adult will get up and dress in costume as well to give out candy. We don’t have to worship the devil to give out candy to lovely kids in the neighbourhood. Its a shame that this same people don’t stand up and fight the issues going on in the country. But they have the time and energy to fight and call names. Ignorance is a disease”
However, the war of words is still raging online.

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