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Love & Sex: Hey Sisters, Stay Away from These Men


Age happens to everyone, and in ideal situations, physical growth and development too. We will all grow old, but many never grow up; some men never do. They do not find the self discipline or external pressure that causes growth. No tough-loving-parenting, not any of a demanding job or sporting activities that turns boys into men. An emotional ride with a yet-to-grow-up or will-never-grow-up man promises to be a wreck eventually; one can only give it some few months.

For a lady who wants something close to forever, forever, or just a cool ride, some men are not the ideal choices. These guys have the same characteristics; they are deceptively attracting, they make you feel needed. They are truthfully in need of a woman but it’s based on their selfish desires that’s an offshoot of their inadequacies. They really need a woman, but a mom would be better.

Meet Mr Predator.

He’s is uber cool, he loves power and wants it at all cost, including breaking his woman till she feels like a piece of worthless rubber. He laughs at condescending jokes, he finds them so amusing. He is contented making jokes at the expense of others, he can be violent (if need be). Cool guy explains to his woman why he could not but hit the other dude; “he asked for it” he claims. His relationship with objects are much more pronounced than with people; his toys and gadgets come first. Mr Predator uses the people in his life to satisfy his appetite for sex and power; including his woman. He makes you feel needed but his aim is to break you and dominate. He isn’t as cool as one thinks eventually.

Mr Parasite is another breed; he has a need to attach and won’t be offering much. He seeks comfort and security plus free sex. He has a high consumer debt that has no closure in sight. He’s scarce when there’s a job to do. He drives a mud-caked car around town for a week until the bae tells him to. The bae makes the bulk of the money, the bae gets to make the bulk of the decision, the bae runs her life and his, he tags along conveniently. The bae is ‘mom’.

Mr Prey can be called Mr Foolish. Everyone takes advantage of him, life happens to him. He has got no push. His friends dreams are his realities because he’s a willing tool to every move they make. He is easily manipulated like a jelly and very vulnerable. He can’t tell when a relationship is abused, so he stays put in ugly situations around him. He is vulnerable to overwork because his boss asks him to and consistently. He is open to ‘fun ideas’ as suggested by anyone though fun could be crimes, pornography, sugar, alcohol or junks. He’s pitiable and soft, he needs a woman but not you, he needs  a woman, a professional psychologist.

We may not always know what we want but then, identify what cannot be the ideal. These kind of men are meant to be left in the rear view mirror, with you cruising on forward. There must be a better deal somewhere else.


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