Staffers Shutdown Federal Palace Hotel

There is a face-off between the management of The Federal Palace Hotel and their staffers over ill treatment and salary issue. And this has led to total stand down of activities as the aggrieved workers have shut the hotel.
We reliably gathered that the faceoff began on Tuesday, January 27, 2014 when the management refused to yield to the petitions sent by the staffers to complain about the way the expatriates treat them like slaves. A source alleged that they work over time and they were ill-treated still.
Also, some of the females claimed they were intimidated by their bosses. According to our source, the hotel net in huge revenue but pay them paltry sum and still expect them to work like slaves.
Aside that, the management deduct over N7,500  from their monthly wage, alleged the staffer”. We learnt scores of them have refused to work until the issue is resolved.

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