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Soothsayers on the prowl over Ghana’s next general elections


Ghana’s next general elections are more than two years away in December 2016.

Yet the soothsayers are somersaulting over each other predicting the outcome of the election into the highest office of the land – the Presidency.

Prophet Doctor Emmanuel Kofi Enim, the founder and general overseer of Word Victory Chapel International, has no doubt in his mind that President John Dramani Mahama will succeed himself in office come January 2017.

He has also prophesied that the 2012 presidential candidate for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo would emerge as the winner in the NPP special congress on Sunday, August 31, 2014. That has already come to pass but any class 1 pupil could have predicted that.

He said God revealed the victory of President Mahama to him through a vision and has asked him to make it known to Ghanaians as a sign of God’s endorsement of the President.

“In a very explicit vision, I saw the president seated on a presidential seat and clad in a White wear with an inscription, 2016. I asked God the meaning of the vision and He told me President Mahama is destined to win the 2016 general election and would be enthroned for the second time as president”, he told an interviewer.

According to him, the vision was not borne out of political motivation or affiliations but as a neutral voter and a son of a staunch NPP supporter, he was only blessed with the vision and shared with the church members on Wednesday, August 27.

“I have had similar visions. Before this year’s March 6, I prophesied that there would be a heavy downpour during the 6th March celebrations and I therefore suggested that the celebration be postponed”, he said.

President Mahama was reportedly drenched to his pants on that occasion.

According to him, the current development and economic challenges faced by the country were all plans of God to make his power known to the President and Ghanaians and that in due time God shall bring about a great change through the President that would attract the votes of majority of Ghanaians.

“Nothing in this world can change this prophesy. Not even the current hardship and the devilish plots masterminded by the enemies of the President can change it. President Mahama is destined to win 2016 election and it shall be so”, he said.

Pro. Dr. Enim urged the President to repose confidence and hope in God and rest assured that he has God’s backing and will make him successful.

“No man can change what God has said. The President should remain focused on his priorities and surely he shall come out victorious in the 2016 general election”, the WVCI founder and overseer predicted.

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