Sneak In The Sneakers Stylishly

By Ngozi Ufere


From stilettos to pumps to wedges and the in-betweens, heels are go-to sources for an instant height boost (especially) for petite-framed figures; my style philosophy is: if you don’t gat it, fake it; then flaunt it… but there is one universal con about heels that most women agree with, they hurt! Yes, we all know the ‘beauty is pain’ line too well and we have used it ever so often, but dear beauty, please try adopting a new name, ‘comfort’ maybe. That isn’t too much to ask, is it? – Yours painfully, ‘Tortured Feet’.

We constantly sacrifice comfort for looks and style, but who says we can’t have both? We love being stylish, but I wouldn’t deny that I love being comfortably-stylish more, that is why I eek-ed in excitement like a little girl when I saw the sneakers trend back on the runway. In the words of the Chinese designer, Simon Gao, “trainers are the style of the future…” – I couldn’t agree more. It is hard to miss how this trend has been infused into the stylish world of fashion; ‘girly’ meets ‘tomboy’! This by far is the marriage of all time – a match made in fashion heaven – I love every bit of it.

From high-tops to low-cuts, sneakers are the must-have shoes this season. Just in case you are the heel-loving kind of girl or the one who needs a little height boost, don’t fret, there is a hidden solution – the hidden wedge. It is the perfect way to be comfortable while still being stylish.

As amazing as this trend is, it can be a little intimidating trying to turn your running shoes into a stylish item, but there are easy ways to sneak this trend into your wardrobe:

First things first, ditch the sweat pants and workout clothes! If you aren’t going to the gym to work your muscles and biceps, refuse the temptation of pairing the shoe with gym clothes. Be ready to put in more effort into your outfit like you would if you were planning to wear stilettos.

Less is more, do not overwhelm yourself and try to pull a missy Elliott stunt; it will look like you swapped places with your boyfriend (or brother). Rather, be flirty and feminine; pair with a dress or skirt for a bit of oomph and with shorts, skinny jeans or leggings for a more casual look. Accessorize with a statement jewellery like a necklace, chunky bracelet, or an oversized handbag or purse.

Depending on your preference, play it safe and go for basic hues or be daring and opt for more vibrant and bright hues, but ALWAYS put into consideration the rest of your outfit. Make sure not to mismatch colours, except your goal is to look like a rainbow gone wrong.

This trend is versatile and can be worn with anything, but it is important to have the right balance, own your look and give your outfit a bit of an edge while doing so. Remember, if it’s good enough to run in, it’s even better to walk in. Beauty adopted a new name after all. 

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  1. From pants, to shirts, to suit and tie and now to sneakers…girls try to “feminise” they feel there’s always a girly look for every masculine outfit, they feel for every hero there’s a heroine, even they’ve rocked the cowboy’s outfit and named it cowgirl…females tho but I love it.

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