Senator Olanrewaju Solomon Drums Support For Ambode


As the Saturday’s guber election draws closer, more individuals are drumming support for All Progressives Congress candidate, Ainwunmi Ambode. Speaking to a selected few journalists in Lagos, Senator, Ganiyu Olanrewaju Solomon said, “Lagos, Let’s Do It Again! On Saturday, March 28, our great party, the APC made history at the presidential poll with General Muhammadu Buhari emerging the president elect of the country. The victory was well deserved after a long haul of political warfare. But the battle is not over yet.

This Saturday, April 11 has been slated for the governorship election and Lagos cannot afford to play the opposition at a period the APC is the government at the centre. ‎

This time in Lagos, continuity is both constructive and imperative and in fact, sacrosanct because it can only be sustained by the APC – tested and trusted.

Let’s Vote Akinwunmi Ambode for governor and all the APC candidates for the state assembly. A consolidation of the gains so far is not negotiable and the future cannot be put away inexplicably. ‎Let’s do it again, Lagos”. The Saturday, April 11 election has attracted so much intrigues and Nigerians are seriously eager to see it, come and go.

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