Senator-Elect, George Weah Appoints Chief of Staff


After conquering the world of football, Liberian Senator-elect George Weah has appointed a Chief of Staff to superintend his second foray into the world of politics.

Speaking in Monrovia Saturday (Jan 3) after receiving his certificate as Senator-elect for Monstserrado County of Liberia from the National Elections Commission, Weah named a close associate, Mr. Frank O. Grant, as his chief of staff.

He said he would use his first 90 days in office to ascertain the needs of his constituents from all the 17 districts in his county, for which purpose he would appoint a committee, because his platform is the “needs of my people”

In the December 20 Special Senatorial Election in Montserrado County, Weah polled 78 percent of the vote cast, leaving his 10 other candidates to share the 22 percent among themselves.

He thanked the over 99,000 Liberians who voted for him, as well the about 27,000 who voted for his opponents.

Senator Weah argued that though he isn’t perfect, yet he is capable to represent the people of Montserrado County, and he would make friends to achieve the people’s objective in the Senate.

“As a Senator for Montserrado County, I will do my best to cooperate and collaborate, and to speak on behalf of the County,” Senator-elect Weah said. “I am not going to the Senate to stall anything.”

He added: “I am here to learn… I know am going to learn, but let me assure you that I’ll maximize my full potentials, and because I am a team player we are going to be successful.”

Weah, the political leader of the CDC, said his success would drive him to be a good team leader though not a dictator.  He said he could never believe in laissez-faire leadership.

“If I can be successful and become the world best (football) player while playing in a country where racism was at the peak, why I can’t be successful in the Liberian Senate?” Senator Weah asked rhetorically. “I would prefer the 4-4-2 classic pattern to be a good team player rather than use the 4-5-1 system to be a loner!”

He promised to collaborate with the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and other international groups for the benefit of the county and the country at large.

He indicated that his office would have a team of legal minded Liberians to guide him on his responsibility, which include representation, oversight and lawmaking.

He recalled that since he entered politics in 2005 there have been lot of criticism, but he has believed in hope and been focused, and this has resulted in his overwhelming win of the senatorial seat for Montserrado County.

“My wife, Mrs. Clara Weah, will be here on the 9th of January to also thank the people of Montserrado County for the confidence you reposed in me, and for that am ready to work and will work,” he said.

He thanked the 14 lawmakers who endorsed his candidacy, the chairman of the CDC Montserrado County Campaign Committee, Prof. Wilson K. Tarpeh; the president of the Liberia Football Association, Musa Bility; and the executive committee members of CDC.

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